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Waldorf Book of Bread

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Winslow Eliot

The Waldorf book of breads

Creating a loaf of bread is one of the simplest and yet most rewarding things you can do. In one small load you have created an entire world. All four elements that are essential to life are inherent in your single load of bread: earth in the salt mineral and grain; water; air in the carbohydrates and yeast; and fire, which brings the bread to life by baking it.

In this book of breads you will find breads for the daily table and specialty breads for the seasons and festive occasions;`wheat, spelt, cord, and rye breads; flat breads, honey-salt, and sourdough bread; muffins, rolls, bisquits, popovers, and scones.

These recipes have been handed down by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and friends. They are easy to follow and encourage bakers to use the best possible ingredients, making bread once again the healthy "staff of life" that it once was.

58 pages

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