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Incarnating Child

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The incarnating child

In The Incarnating Child Joan Salter picks up Wordsworth’s theme and follows the soul life of tiny babies into childhood and adolescence. Here are practical insights for mothers, fathers, family and anyone concerned with childcare into:

  • Pregnancy, birth, babyhood, early infancy, childhood on up to adolescence
  • Children’s physical, spiritual and psychological development
  • Nurture and the effects of the environment
  • The formation of healthy personalities
  • Nutrition, immunisation and health
  • Clothing, toys and early learning in the acquisition of skills and thinking

Joan Salter worked as specialist in maternal and childcare, with a nursing and midwifery background, which involved work with migrants in Australia. She wrote The Incarnating Child out of years of experience. She was the founder of the Gabriel Baby Centre in Melbourne. She also wrote Mothering with Soul for Hawthorn Press.

189 pages
Author: Joan Salter
Editions: Hawthorn Press

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