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Mikado game



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The mikado game is a game of high skill.  Available in various length.  Wooden box for the smaller size of cotton bag for the bigger size.  Once the mikado are in a mixed pile, you need to remove them one at a time without making any other pieces move.  Each colour give point.

For children 5+

Code GK
HS200 (18 cm)
HS224 (28 cm)
HS227 (50 cm)
56908 (80 ccm)

Image Product Longueur Price
18 cm 18 cm 6.50$ each Stock: 20
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28 cm 28 cm 9.00$ each Pre-order Notify me when available
50 cm 50 cm 35.00$ each Pre-order Notify me when available
80 cm 80 cm 56.00$ each Stock: 1
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