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Chromatic Glockenspiel - 20 tones

350.00$ each
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Chromatic Glockenspiel

There is a twenty tone chromatic glockenspiel from Auris

With the tones c’’’- g’’’’ including all semitones.  The most exquisite of all the glockenspiels. An instrument that you just want to own, it is very attractive to as well ear as eye. With its complete set of tones you can play any music with it, it has often been used by professional musicians for both recordings and live concerts.

Due to its delicate design and sound it is one of the finest gifts you can give to someone who has developed a sense for luxury as well as for supreme form and function. 

Comes with six mallets, two soft rubber, two wooden and two hard mallets. The hard mallets enables you to use the chromatic glockenspiel together with a large orchestra, so strong will the tone be. 
Made with great care in Sweden.

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