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Lyra Giant Lacq. - Wooden box



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Giant Lacquered pencils
Set with wooden box

17,5 cm long, Giant color are highly-pigmented pencils with an extra thick lead to give their colours gigantic intensity with their point of 6,3 mm diameter.  They are break-resistant, long-lasting and durable.  They deliver colour that is smudge-proof and waterproof.  They have a rounded, hexagonal-shaped barrel.

Code M
20541913: Set of 12 (colours: 01-07-13-18-29-32-38-47-51-67-90-99)
20541919: Set of 18 (colours: 01-04-07-13-18-27-29-32-38-47-51-67-70-76-90-99-250-251)


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Set of 12 pencils #01 65.00$ each Stock: 1
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Set of 18 pencils #02 86.00$ each Stock: 3
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