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L'étoilée, inspiration Waldorf

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Francois Leblanc propriétaire de la boutique l'Étoilée Francois Leblanc propriétaire de la boutique l'Étoilée

When our first child was born a few years ago, we came across the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the Waldorf method of education. My wife, a teacher, started her training in the Waldorf method and following the completion of her training, started teaching at a Waldorf school in Ontario. Since then, we have been guided with the desire to educate our children using these methods.

The path of life brought us to Victoriaville, where our eldest attends "L'Eau Vive" school. We became more involved and passionate with this philosophy of living. This path lead us to learning that one of the few Canadian Waldorf product suppliers was considering closing up shop. As I was in the process of changing careers, it became clear to me that this was a perfect opportunity to us to start our own business; continuing to ensure that schools and individuals could still have access to purchase goods that meet their needs and values.  In April of 2015, the Mandragore Distribution store was born. In February 2016, along with the creation of our new website, we changed our name to "L'Étoilée", which mean «A star in the world»

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